Revision update

So as a result of spending a week of resting and being rather inefficient of my time, my plan’s completely gone out the window. I’m still going through the lectures in the knowledge phase.

My exams are next week so at this point, I’ve just consigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to spend 2 weeks testing myself. I just have to hope that taking the time to listen to the recordings and summarising the info is aiding the learning info. Have no idea when I’ll finish my first pass through the material so it’s going to be a few hurried days of past papers, questions and flash cards if I do make them.

Plus, I’m ill at the moment with low energy which doesn’t inspire me to write. But at least I can use that time to read through what I’ve already written which can’t hurt!


New Year’s resolutions

While the last day of the year has come with some surprise, I can’t say the year felt quick. I was aware of the passage of each day and it was a good year, for the most part. Here are some of my resolutions.

Weight and fitness 
I want to lose 15kg by the end of March and a further 10kg by the end of June (25kg tot).
To accomplish this and for my general well being, I hope to do 10000 steps for at least 4 days per week as well as 3 days of purposeful exercise per week. I have a proposed schedule of Monday – Gymnastics, Tuesday – Modern Dance, Wednesday – Street Dance, Thursday – Dance Fit and Friday – Yoga. But 3 is a healthy minimum and if I lack the confidence to go to those classes, I can fulfil the requirement by going to the gym or doing a run if I wish to torture myself.

I want to get a merit or distinction in my Grade 8 piano exam. I also wish to learn 26 new pieces in the year which is 1 per fortnight. I will upload them to my youtube channel if I manage to get a friend to record me. To achieve this I will aim to do 10 hours a week of practice.

I hope to reduce this by 1/2 by the end of the year and to have £1000 in savings. This requires budgeting more carefully and working more hours in my part time job.

Academic pursuits
I hope to get a 1st (A) overall in my 2nd academic year with at least 2 of my 5 modules being in the 90% percentile. To achieve this, in my next term I will have to ensure that notes are written up each week, perhaps adding hard-to-remember information to an appropriate SRS system so that my Easter revision starts with consolidation as opposed to hurried learning.
While not strictly academic, I want to read or listen to at least 30 books in 2018 with at least 1/5 of them being non-fiction.

I hope to have learnt 500 kanji by the time I get to japan. So that’s the ~300 taught in Genki 1 and 2 which I’ll be doing over the following year plus an additional ~200. Some have learnt the complete ~2000 jouyou set in a year but that’s not going to happen with my limited motivation and other priorities. 500 by September seems like a SMART goal.

Ethics and personal standards
I now identify as a reducetarian and hope to eat vegetarian at least 5 days a week. I’m starting out the year by attempting Veganuary which should increase my familiarity with plant foods and aid in my weight loss goals. I want to make the effort to recycle and reduce wastage in my home by reusing plastic bags at the supermarket and making use of ingredients that are in my fridge.
I also no longer wish to casually meet men who aren’t single or who I know I won’t like, even if I am flattered by their interest.

Mental health, positivity and outgoing
The last one is a bit vague but I want to say yes to more things, continue to form bonds and build upon my existing relationships. It’s so tempting to shut away from society but that isn’t particularly¬†healthy. I also want to try to ensure that any dips I have are short in length and that I try to focus on the positives in life!