Revision plan

Term ended last Friday and due to me needing a 1st (A or 3.7-4.0 GPA for my American readers) in my January and in particular, a high 1st  (A+ or 3.9-4.0 GPA) in my Biochemistry module because of my atrocious coursework mark, it’s of vital importance that I study effectively during the christmas holiday. For me, that means being systematic. I’ve loosely planned what I’m going to do but I’m hoping that by expanding in detail within this blog post, I’ll reaffirm the need and perhaps be of some use to a person out there who’s hopeless at organisation. I don’t however, expect to plan out my revision sessions. I think I’m deserved that much spontaneity ;p.

Though I expect there to be some cross-over, I plan to split the holidays into two phases of revision. Namely, knowledge and recall/testing. Christmas seems like a good midway point so I would the knowledge phase to be completed by Christmas Eve whereas recall/testing would begin on or around Boxing day.

1. Notes
I have 28 examinable physiology & pharmacology and 28 examinable biochemistry lectures. At the moment, I have 3PP lectures and 14B lectures typed within Onenote. This means that of the 56 combined lectures, I have 39 left to type. Last week I compiled a list of lectures whose powerpoints I’ve annotated with comments from the lecturer. Of the 15 in that list, I’ve completed the typing up of the 3 B lectures and 2 of the PP lectures which leaves me with 10 PP lectures to type initially and then a further 29 combined. I could just use write from the slides but I’d rather use the lecture recordings as our lecturers tend to say many things which aren’t on the slides.
I’ve thought about the system to use and I think the most efficient way to type up those 29 lecture notes would be to make 80% complete pre-notes based on just the slides and then listen to the lecture recording at 1.5-2.0x speed. The alternative, listening and typing as I go along is too inefficient I think as I have to listen at 0.75x-1.0x speed and frequently pause. My soft goal is the end of this weekend, i.e 17th, but in lieu of my upcoming birthday and needing some time off due to the long term my hard goal is the 20th.

2. Recording
I’ve long since been a fan of audio books. I’ve loved reading for many years but while I’m often in a hurry to get to the end when I acquire a new novel, the relatively slow pacing of the narrator allows for greater immersion. And also retention. I hope to exploit the last property by audio recording my lectures so that I can listen to them whilst doing other things. I aim to do this by the 24th of December.

3. Textbook
This is a simple goal. Once my notes and recordings are recorded, I hope to read the relevant passages from the textbook and add to them where necessary. But for the most part, I just want to get background detail to reinforce the information. There is no deadline for this as I expect it to be continuous but I’d like to have done a bit of further reading for each lecture series by the 31st of December.

4. Memrise
Finally, due to my success using it for learning Japanese vocabulary, I hope to make 2 Memrise courses to test myself with questions from past tutorials, the provided past papers along with what’s in my notes used to help me learn the content. I also hope to have the courses completed by the 24th and begin using it after Christmas. There is an exception, if I can find a good tutorial for Anki and the app proves to be easy to use then I plan to use it instead as it’s a lot more powerful.

This section is fairly simple. I plan to do the
1. Tutorial question again.
2. Online multiple choice tests
2. Biochemistry lab test again.
3. Biochem past papers as well as the non-essay parts of the Physiology practical test with the essay parts done separately.
4. Lastly, if there’s still a need then questions from textbooks or problems book, where available.

I hope to do 1-3 by the 31st and 3 by the 4th of January. My exams are on the 10th and 11th of January so if I’ve exhausted everything by the 3rd then I’ll continue to review the knowledge materials (namely notes and flash card app) and do problems as per #4.

Apologies for how boring this post was but it definitely helped me get my thoughts together.


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